Need parts source for 1891 Argentine Mauser The Art of the Rifle Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in Mauser parts, 100,000 gun parts, 1200 gun stocks, 4000 magazines. The action, with its dual locking lugs that were part of a one-piece bolt. *N/A- Items are new or already refinished and or sold as is. 91 ARGENTINE MAUSER Parts Listing I’m looking for a stock for a ’91 Argentine rifle, as well as all of the metal parts forward of the handguard, including front sights. MAUSER 1891 Description Condition: Quantity Available: Price; M-91 REAR SLING BAR.

Antique Belgian 1889 FN Mauser / Argentine 1891 trigger guard and box magazine Complete trigger guard and box magazine (5 Rounds) with spring and follower for the 1889 Belgian. There are a lot of antique/curio/relic type parts available there , as well as. It really looks like part or the right receiver ring is missing. Was at a acution and they had listed a Mauser Argentina model 1891 with monte carlo stock and tasco.
Included are buttplate, rusty, #66293

I don't need a handguard or any of the
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